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08 February

滋養・玫瑰茶飲 Nourishing Rosebuds Tea Recipes by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea

玫瑰花茶味道甘甜,散發著淡淡玫瑰幽香,泡茶時更可以加入其它材料,令味道更有層次,兼具滋潤養生功效。 今個情人節,為她/他泡一杯有愛情味道的茶飲。 玫瑰花茶 x 煎茶 Rosebuds x Sencha 幽香的玫瑰花茶,清新的煎茶,粉紅配上嫩綠,不止顏色匹配,連味道也是最佳配搭。 煎茶是日本人常喝綠茶的一種,當茶葉遇上熱水,揉捻成卷狀的原片茶葉慢慢打開,散發清新的茶香,味道淡而不澀。 清新煎茶香加上玫瑰花香,喝一口,心情也愉悅起來。 做法:煎茶不宜用太高水溫沖泡,先用攝氏100度水沖泡玫瑰花茶,等約5分鐘待水溫下降,加入煎茶葉泡約4分鐘即成 Recipe: Avoid brewing sencha at high water temperature. Add 100°C water to infuse rosebuds for 5 mins. Then add sencha to infuse for 4 mins   玫瑰花茶 x 檸檬 x 蜂蜜 Rosebuds x Lemon x Honey 幽香的玫瑰花配搭檸檬,是另一款清新的茶飲選擇,加入蜂蜜能令玫瑰檸檬茶更可口,中和玫瑰輕微的甘味和檸檬過酸的味道。 這款茶飲可能會令你愛不釋手,因為玫瑰、檸檬及蜂蜜都有美顏作用,玫瑰有助血液循環,檸檬有助淡化皮膚黑色素,蜂蜜具滋潤作用。... Read more.

19 May

How to make iced-tea more delicious? by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea

Six easy steps to make your iced-tea more delicious with Sencha Tea. Want to enjoy some flavorful cold drink without the guilt of high sugar and gaining weight this summer? You want to check out this recipe. Ingredient: SenchaIce   Equipment: How water kettleYour choice of brewing tools   How to... Read more.

04 February

Valentine Special - Blooming Rose by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea

A super simple valentine drink idea with gorgeous pink in color. Sweet and sour of the cranberry juice, with the delicate rose floral from the Pink Goddess tea. Definitely one of the best for you and your love one. Ingredient: (For 2 drinks) To make Pink Goddess Tea 4g of Pink Goddess Tea... Read more.

30 December

Sparkling Osmanthus Oolong by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea

Let’s try something new for 2016. A tea that looks as shiny as any kind of sparkling wine and tastes as elegant as champagne. What you need: Soda Siphon - 1L size Soda Charger (CO2 Charger) - 2 chargers Tea - 500 ml (We recommend Osmanthus Oolong or Pearl Jasmine... Read more.

22 December

Getting ready for this Christmas with a special Spiced Mocha by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea

This is a great Christmas special coffee drink for everyone who wants to have alternative from all alcohol in this coming Christmas. A very warm and Christmassy mocha with just the right amount of Chai to spice things up a little. Ingredient: Single Espresso (30ml) 2.5g Masala Chai 100ml Milk... Read more.