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Getting ready for this Christmas with a special Spiced Mocha by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea

This is a great Christmas special coffee drink for everyone who wants to have alternative from all alcohol in this coming Christmas. A very warm and Christmassy mocha with just the right amount of Chai to spice things up a little.


  • Single Espresso (30ml) 2.5g
  • Masala Chai 100ml Milk 30g
  • Chocolate sauce (Make your own or any your favourite chocolate sauce)

If you want to make your own Chocolate Sauce:

  • 40ml milk 20g Chocolate Powder (for Drinking use, like Cadbury)
  • 10g Pure Cocoa Powder (for better texture)
    **ready-made chocolate sauce also works well

How to make:

  1. Mix the Masala Chai, chocolate sauce and the milk in a milk pitcher.
  2. Brew the espresso, meanwhile, steam & Foam the chocolate milk to your desired temperature
  3. Strain the chocolate milk into cocktail glass.
  4. Pour the espresso over the chocolate milk. (Optional: draw any shape over espresso)
  5. Garnish with cocoa powder and enjoy the drink

一杯溫暖嘅朱古力咖啡,加上印度瑪撒拉茶嘅點綴,即時令呢個聖誕充滿氣氛。 喺party入面唔想咁悶,淨係得酒精飲品?不妨試下!!


  • 30毫升 特濃咖啡
  • 2.5克 印度瑪撒拉茶葉
  • 100毫升 鮮奶
  • 30克 朱古力醬


  • 40毫升 鮮奶
  • 20克 朱古力粉 (飲用朱古力粉, 如吉百利)
  • 10克 純可可粉


  1. 先將印度瑪撒拉茶葉, 鮮奶與朱古力醬混合備用
  2. 沖煮特濃咖啡, 再用咖啡機蒸汽棒將朱古力奶加熱並起泡
  3. 把朱古力奶過濾並倒入杯中
  4. 將特濃咖啡倒在朱古力奶表面 (可在表面畫上圖案)
  5. 最後以可可粉裝飾

Christmas Special - Spiced Mocha


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