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Panama Hartmann新上市 by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea

巴拿馬哈特曼莊園(Hartmann Estate)由哈特曼家族擁有,現在由第三代在經營,5兄弟姊妹中以Mr. Ratibor Hartmann為代表,其它兄弟姊妹負責不同業務部份,從他們住在一起可以看到,這是一個溫暖有家庭氛圍的莊園。

Hartmann Estate is owned by the Hartmann family. It is now running by the third generation and represented by Mr. Ratibor Hartmann. Ratibor Hartmann is one of five siblings that manage the farm. Each sibling is in charge of a specific operation on the farm. There is a warm family vibe at this estate and everything seems to work itself out.


Hartmann estate is growing coffee in harmony with the environment. The coffee is grown under the shade of native rainforest trees that have been there for many years. The Hartmanns try not to cut trees to maintain the natural cycle. Their production is very beneficial to birds and helps protect the natural bird life.

Panama Hartmann採用蜜處理法,咖啡農會挑選出成熟的果子,篩選後去核,不過去核時沒有把果膠(mucilage)除去,將咖啡種子連果膠直接乾燥,咖啡種子放在高身的床上曬乾,以確保有更多空氣流動,因為黏質狀的果膠還附在咖啡種子上,比較容易發霉,經過這種蜜處理的咖啡風味較圓滿、甜度增強並降低其酸度。

In a Honey process- ripe cherry is picked, sorted & pulped the same as a fully washed coffee, however after pulping the mucilage is left untouched on the bean & is sent to dry with the mucilage on. This honey coffee was sun-dried on raised beds to allow greater airflow during drying as the mucilage left on the bean provides the opportunity for spoiling. The result is a more full-bodied, sweeter coffee with less acidity.

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