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給生活一點花香 桂花烏龍新登場 Osmanthus Oolong Now available by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea







Osmanthus Oolong is a fragrant oolong infused with osmanthus flowers. Oolong tea absorbs the flower fragrance during the baking process to enhance the aroma without additives or chemicals.

Our latest release, Osmanthus Oolong, using the finest Oolong tea from Fujian and paired with the best golden osmanthus flower. (Osmanthus can be classified as golden, silver, red and seasons, in which golden osmanthus has the strongest flavor) The baking process is just like a makeup on Oolong tea. Cover the tea with osmanthus aroma in a well-balanced level. The finished product has a light and smooth taste and pleasant aftertaste.

The perfect oolong and osmanthus pairing brew a clear cup of tea in green colour with a golden touch. The floral fragrance sets off the taste of the tea and long lasting.

Osmanthus is rich in antioxidants and vitamin B-3, which improve your health and skin and keep your body strong. Oolong tea is developed in semi-fermented processing, providing the tea with numerous polyphenolic compounds. It helps reducing chronic bodily conditions, promotes glowing skin and good dental health.

Treat yourself a city escape. Let the osmanthus oolong delights your mind.

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