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Introducing Papua New Guinea Lamari新登場 by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea


Lamari合作社根據拉馬里河(Lamari River)而命名,它座落於土地肥沃的東部高地,莊園會收集附近咖啡小農所種的咖啡出售,拉馬里山谷生產的咖啡是巴布亞新畿內亞最優良的出品,因為多年來經過的採集、去除果肉、篩選、發酵及乾燥步驟,莊園已改良不少生產咖啡技巧,莊園與咖啡小農合作,可以結合力量,在國際精品咖啡市場中提高競爭力。




Compare to leading coffee producing countries like Brazil or Panama, Papua New Guinea is a forgotten coffee region.

Name after the waters of the Lamari River that make the Highland Hills where this coffee is grown so fertile, Lamari is a coffee cooperative in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The coffee from Lamari Valley is amongst the best to come out of PNG. It is far superior quality due to years of extension services to ensure quality focused picking, pulping, sorting, fermentation and drying. This group of small scale farms pool their yields for greater buying power on the international specialty market.

The cup is light in body, with floral aroma in your first sip, plum and peach tea like flavors in the middle and chocolate at last.

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