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Mother's Day Special 為媽媽送上茶香美意 by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea

Blooms特別為媽媽們推出Mother's Day Special限量套裝,讓媽媽享受醇厚茶香,暫時忘記工作的忙碌,享受屬於自己的悠閒時刻。

限量套裝內藏兩款茶葉——伯爵茶及桂花烏龍,Earl Grey伯爵茶精選印度阿薩姆茶葉,除了一貫加入佛手柑的味道,同時添加少許香茅,令味道更添一份清雅。桂花烏龍採用來自桂林的桂花以及福建的烏龍,使用適當的窨製方法令烏龍茶吸引桂花芳香而成,香氣持久,有理氣暖胃的作用。

隨Mother's Day Special限量套裝,會附上L’Éclair de Génie換領券,到該分店即可換取兩件自選口味的閃電泡芙,最適合伴以香茶品嚐,在家來個溫馨下午茶。


All moms deserve to celebrate on Mother's Day! Show your tender love to your mom on this special day.

Blooms proudly present Mother's Day Special Limited Set. Pamper your SuperMom with premium Earl Grey Tea and Osmanthus Oolong. Earl Grey is a blend of fine Assam leaf, flavored and scented with oil from the skin of the orange-like bergamot and enhanced by a hint of lemongrass. Osmanthus is grown on evergreen trees & carries a light but long lasting scent. The tea's taste & flower's scent are well balanced. The finished product has a light smooth taste & a pleasant aftertaste.

Each Mother's Day Special Limited Set is attached with a L’Éclair de Génie voucher. The voucher entitles you to pick 2 eclairs of your choice in L’Éclair de Génie outlets. Enjoy a warm and cozy tea party at home.

Limited sets while stock lasts.

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