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他/她愛喝甚麼咖啡?咖啡口味看個性 Coffee choice reveals your personality by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea


心理學家Ramani Durvasula曾對1,000名咖啡愛好者進行研究,發現喜歡同一種咖啡的人,個性都比較相似。

What's your choice when you pick a drink in cafe? Black coffee? Cappuccino? Decaf?

The type of coffee your ordered somehow reveal about your personality. It is a study result from 1,000 coffee lovers conducted by clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula.


Black coffee


Purist, keep things simple, efficient, patient, can be quiet and moody, resistant to making changes

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Latte drinkers (folks who add milk/cream and sugar)


Open book, comfort seekers, like to soften the bitterness of life, don't always take great care of themselves, people pleasers, can get over-extended

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Frozen/blended coffee drinks


Trendsetters, imaginative, try lots of new things, reckless

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Decaf / Soy milk / Very specifically ordered coffee


Like being in control, perfectionist, very aware of their health and bodies, overly sensitive, tend to be worriers


Instant coffee


Laid back, procrastinate, poor planners, take life as it comes, traditional in some ways



It is arbitrary to judge a person by a simply coffee choice. Better to find out his/her personality in your coffee moment.

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