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茶與月餅的滋味配搭 A Guide to Tea and Mooncake Matching by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea


Mooncake is the festive feast in Mid-Autumn festival. Tea always goes with the mooncake because it is a classic combination and sipping tea helps to rid the grease and balance the sweetness. Let's see what kind of tea go best with your mooncake.

蛋黃蓮蓉月餅 配 普洱



Blooms推薦茶品:2008生普洱 & 2000熟普洱

Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Salted Egg Yolk paired with Pu-erh

Lotus seed paste is a common Chinese dessert ingredient made from dried lotus seeds. It is a perfect match with salted egg yolk to enjoy the savoury taste in a mooncake.

Traditionally baked mooncake usually high in sugar and fat content. Pu-erh tea is great for cutting through the richness and greasiness.

Blooms recommends: 2008 Raw Pu-erh & Ferment Pu-erh

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冰皮月餅 配 窨花茶


吃冰皮月餅宜配窨花茶,東方的窨花茶(Scented Tea)與西方花茶(Herbal Tea)截然不同,東方的窨花茶是在烘焙茶的過程中加入花一同窨香,令茶香之中帶有花香,在品嚐冰皮月餅時享用,襯托出月餅的清涼感覺就最適合不過。

Blooms推薦茶品:茉莉小龍珠 & 桂花烏龍

Snowy Mooncake paired with Scented Tea

Snowy mooncake is a non-baked mooncake with mochi feel crust and has to be kept frozen. Snowy mooncake can be filled with a variety of fillings such as bean paste, fruit, jam, chocolate and cheeses. This kind of dessert-inspired mooncake is gaining popularity among young people.

Snowy mooncake is the best match with scented tea. Scented teas are created by adding flowers, herbs, fruits and other natural flavours to tea leaves. Just like Osmanthus Oolong, oolong tea absorbs the osmanthus fragrance during the baking process to enhance the aroma.

Blooms recommends: Pearl Jasmine & Osmanthus Oolong

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奶黃月餅 配 伯爵茶




Egg Custard Mooncake paired with Earl Grey

Egg custard mooncake is a big hit in recent years. It is inspired by egg custard bun in Chinese dim sum and mixed with the production of Western pastry. It is usually small in size.

Custard is made of butter, sugar, egg and custard powder. It is somehow sweet and heavy in taste. It is the best to pair with a cup of Earl grey to soothe the sweetness.

Blooms recommends: Earl grey

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豆沙月餅 配 綠茶



Blooms推薦茶品:煎茶 玄米茶

Bean Paste Mooncake paired with  Green Tea

Bean paste is one of the traditional ingredient using in making mooncake. It is mild and smooth in taste compared with lotus seed paste.

What is the best match with red bean paste? Green tea definitely. They are truly a perfect match for each other. You can try different types of green tea when tasting the mooncake such as Sencha, Genmaicha, Gyokuro.

Blooms recommends: Sencha Genmaicha


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