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2008 Raw Pu-erh

Sweet, Elegant, Long-lasting

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Pu-erh can be classified as Raw and Ripe according to its processing method. Raw Pu-erh does not go through the piling and fermenting process, it is harvested and stored naturally. The tea colour and taste may vary depending on the aging and storage environment. This product comes from the production of Yrs 2008 Yunnan big leaves. It is shaped with stone pressing method to create moderate tightness teacake. It is stored naturally in traditional Hong-Kong style tea warehouse. The tea colour is orange yellow, sweet in flavor and has a strong aftertaste.

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Region: Yunnan Province, China
Type of Tea: Pu-erh

Rinse tea: Recommended
Temperature: 100°c
Ratio: 150ml of water : 8 gram of tea
Duration: 1st brew - 45sec;
                 2nd brew - 25sec;
                 3nd brew onward - 20-25 sec
Infusion number of times: 5-6