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為甚麼買Moccamaster Cup-One給爸爸? Why Moccamaster Cup-One for Dad? by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea

photo by Cathryn Lavery


男人對機器有天生的愛好,面對設計經典又大方的Moccamaster Cup-One,一定沒有防禦能力。

男人討厭麻煩,Moccamaster Cup-One只需一鍵操作,沖泡完成後咖啡機自動關上,還有比它更方便簡單的咖啡機嗎?




不是說Moccamaster Cup-One一鍵操作嗎?如何變化口味?變化在於咖啡豆啊!只要加入不同口味的單品豆或拼配豆,口味就可以每天改變,甚至自行調節水量創造更多口味變化,別少看爸爸的創意。

現時到咖啡店最流行喝甚麼?手沖咖啡!有甚麼比自備一部模擬手沖咖啡沖泡的Moccamaster Cup-One更開心?數分鐘內即可品嚐到近乎手沖咖啡的水準。

Moccamaster Cup-One於荷蘭設計及製造,簡約型格設計,無論放於廚房、客廳、書房,甚至爸爸的辦公室都很好看。



Man are mechanic lover
Most of the men are a mechanic lovers. With classic and cool design, Moccamaster Cup-one will become one of your dad's favourite new toy.

Easy to use
Simple machine. Straightforward. Automatically switches off after brewing. Simple perfection!
Easy to clean
Remove the filter paper and ground coffee. That's it!
(Remember to descale your brewer regularly to maintain optimal performance)

Consistently makes a good brew
Technivorm Moccamaster is a manufacturer of premium quality coffee brewers and grinders since 1964. The machine keeps the water temperature and brewing time incredibly consistent. You can expect Cup-One to deliver great results all the time.
Flavour variations
Using quality beans will reward you with a delicious cup of coffee. Try different single origin beans or blended beans to discover your flavour journey. And you can make variations by adjusting the water volume.

Pour over coffee is hot
Pour over coffee is becoming popular in cafe. Isn't it cool to own a Moccamaster Cup-One which automating the pour over process? You can enjoy a perfect cup in 4-5 minutes.
It looks COOL
Design and made in the Netherlands. It looks great in kitchen, living room and even office.

What else?

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