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Santa Felisa Mist Mountain Geisha新上市 by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea


Santa Felisa莊園是瓜地馬拉著名的莊園,由Mr. Trinidad E. Cruz於1904年創立,百多年來經歷4代經營,致力生產高質素咖啡豆。它位於經常有霧氣縈繞的Acatenango火山區,那裡結合了熱帶雲霧森林的微氣候,以及火山谷養份豐富的泥土,種出優質而且帶有獨特松木味道的咖啡豆,同時帶有蜜糖甜味及如綠茶般的芳香餘韻,精品級藝伎豆往往能泡出一杯有甜度帶花香的精緻咖啡。


Finca Santa Felisa was founded by Mr. Trinidad E. Cruz in 1904. For more then one hundred years and four generations, the farm inherited all the knowledge and tradition to still produce the same exceptional Coffee. The Mist Mountain Geisha grown in a misty valley in Acatenango region. Which combine the tropical cloud forest micro-climate and the rich soil of volcano valley, resulting a great coffee with a very unique pine note. Also make it honey sweet and juicy coffee, with a enjoyable, green tea like floral finishing. Specialty-grade Geisha varietal typically yields a delicate cup profile characterized by sweet, floral notes.

This Geisha is very transparent and well integrated. Fruit type of aroma. Honey sweetness and juiciness, combine with intense tangerine acidity, plums and pine notes. Velvety and creamy body soon allow you to feel a delicate and lingering aftertaste, like a green tea type of finish.

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