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Nicaragua El Suspiro Auction Lot新上市 by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea

位於尼加拉瓜Matagalpa的El Suspiro莊園,是Mierisch家族經營的莊園面積最小的一個,Mierisch家族自1908年開始栽種咖啡,過去15年大量投資在咖啡設備、處理技術及人材培訓上,努力明顯得到成果,他們多次奪得尼加拉瓜COE獎項,質素亦得到廣泛認同。

Nicaragua El Suspiro Auction Lot充滿獨特的甜味,既像牛奶糖又像拖肥,加上似橙皮香和檸檬雪葩的微酸,風味獨特。

Finca (Farm) El Suspiro is the smallest farm owned by the Mierisch family. Located in the well-known coffee region of Matagalpa. The Mierisch family has been involved in coffee since 1908, but over the last 15 years they’ve made a large increase in the number of microlots on their farms. With investment in new cultivars, techniques, processing, and employee training, the family has proven that hard work and dedication get results. They have been Cup of Excellence winners several times and have also attained a solid reputation as socially and environmentally responsible farmers.

Nicaragua El Suspiro Auction Lot

Flavours of very sweet, low acidity, milk fudge, toffee, orange zest, lemon sherbet

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