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用Moka Pot摩卡壼沖出更好喝的咖啡 How to brew great coffee with Moka Pot by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea

初踏進咖啡的大千世界,對咖啡工具認識有限,曾經奇怪為甚麼Moka Pot摩卡壼和Mocha(朱古力咖啡)的名字一樣?又以為Moka Pot可以沖泡出咖啡店的特濃咖啡Espresso(其實有分別啊~),但無可否認它是個很好的咖啡入門工作,價錢便宜,外型亮麗,會用的話能煮出不錯的咖啡來,效果接近特濃咖啡。


Moka pot is a great coffee tool for coffee beginners. It is inexpensive. And it looks classic. You can brew espresso-style coffee in an inexpensive Italian gadget. If you have tried to use and get nasty coffee, no worry, try to brew again with the following tips. And you will fall in love with your Moka pot again.

咖啡研磨度:比特濃咖啡(Espresso)粗一點,比手沖咖啡(Pour over)幼一點

Grind level: Use medium grind. Little bit coarser than espresso. Slightly finer than filter coffee.



Add hot water instead of cold water to prevent from burning the coffee.



Don't tamp on the coffee grind. Just give it a shake to make it even.



Turn off the heat when you hear bubbling sound.



Rinse the bottom of your pot with cool water to stop the extraction. And decant immediately.

Enjoy your intense and heavy-bodied coffee!

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