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2017 Coffee Wish List 投選你喜愛的單品咖啡 by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea

最近我們隨產品速遞附上2017 Coffee Wish List,那是甚麼?那就代表你有選票在手,可以在選單上剔選你喜歡的單品咖啡,最高票數的咖啡,就會成為2017年率先推出的產品

We have attached 2017 Coffee Wish List in our delivery recently.  What is it? It is a vote ticket for you to choose which single origin coffee to come alive in 2017.


1) 在你喜歡的單品咖啡上剔一剔(3選1啊!)

2) 為Coffee Wish List影張相

3) 在Facebook或Instagram發佈

4) 加上hashtag #bloomseverywhere (記得設定為「公開」狀態啊!)


4 easy steps to Voting:

1) TICK the coffee you like

2) Take a photo of the 2017 Coffee Wish List

3) Post on Facebook or Instagram

4) Hashtag #bloomseverywhere (remember to set the post to PUBLIC)

手上沒有2017 Coffee Wish List的朋友一樣有得玩!按以下連結下載投票表格:

列印出來剔選或者Screen Capture投票亦可,記得hashtag我們#bloomseverywhere就可以了! 



If you do not have the Wish List on hand, just download it from the link below:

Print it out or Screen Capture to vote.

Remember to hashtag #bloomseverywhere

The vote ends at 12:00 midnight on 6th Jan, 2017.

Vote NOW for the coffee you want!

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