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Blooms Coffee Travel Kit

Coffee On-The-Go

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Coffee Travel Kit

There is nothing more satisfying when you can brew fresh coffee on-the-go, no matter if you are traveling or camping with friends, or just go hiking by yourself, you want a one small coffee pack that have everything you needed that allows you to travel light. 

We have created this coffee travel kit that do just that, weight less than 550g  
packed with Drip Coffee Kettle, Digital Scale, Foldable cup, Nel Drip filter cloth/ handle, and two packs of ready to go coffee drip packs. 



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Blooms Coffee Travel Kit

Size: 23cmW x 15cmH 

Weight: 550g 

Including :
- Coffee Travel Bag x 1
- Drip Coffee Kettle x 1
- Digital Scale x 1
- Foldable Coffee Cup x 1
Ready to go Coffee Pack: 
- Sweet Cocoa (15g) x 1
- El Salvador Supersonic (15g) x 1