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Nicaragua Fincas Mierisch - San Jose Red Bourbon Funky Natural


Dark Chocolate, Cocoa, Tropical fruit, "Funky"


Very unique and one of the most interesting coffee that we have ever received from Blooms. This coffee comes from one of the most respectful coffee producer in Nicaragua "The Mierisch family"

This coffee was farm in Jinotega region, this coffee tastes far different from the normal coffee that we have, as the name of the coffee suggested, it is "Funky”. The Red Bourbon coffee. is one of the most important varieties in the Americas; which crossbred with other varietals has led to offspring such as Red Catuai and Caturra.

The Funky process: This process produced it very unique taste, they control the way and how the coffee be fermented in the cherries.

it start similar to most of the coffee, the coffee was hand picked and only selected the ripe cherries, then carefully transported to the dry mill. Once there, they lay out the cherries as a thick layer on a plastic tarp (they usually layout coffee as a thin layer). Most interestingly they do not move the coffee as often (usually the coffee moved three to four times a day).

For this coffee they made into a thicker layer and not moving the coffee as often, this will accelerate the rate fermentation to produce the strong upfront taste.

The coffee then covered on the patio between 24 to 36 hours, closely monitoring that the cherries do not ferment completely. After the controlled fermentation stage, the coffee is spread out as a thin layer and it is moved more often. This specific lot sun dried on the patio for 8 days under 100% sunlight, and then an

additional 25 days on the African beds until it reached 12% humidity. Total drying time for this lot is 33 days. The coffee is then moved into a well ventilated warehouse and allowed to rest for 30 days before it is milled. After it is milled, the coffee is allowed to rest for an additional 30 days as a green bean.

The overall coffee taste nothing like we normally have before, it is completely unique. A aggressive dark chocolate almost cocoa like flavor, which fair amount of tropical fruit note, the dark chocolate taste would hang in for a long period.


Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Pang

nice and funny funky!

Long Hang Chin
Very Special to Taste

This coffee has strong taste and smell of dark chocolate and passion fruit. The aftertaste lasts quite long. It's such a perfect coffee for cold weather.