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The Grand Drip Coffee Box Set

The Coffee Buffet


Your ultimate Drip Coffee bag collection box set. 

Total of 27 units of coffee drip bags from 9 different types of coffee around the world. A mix of Blooms signature Blend Coffee as well as Single Origin Coffee. 
We call it the "Coffee Buffet" where you can choose and pick the coffee you like for your daily drink or even share with friends and brew the coffee the likes. 

Each Box set included: 27 bags of Drip Bag Coffee (3 bags per type of coffee)

Single Origin Coffee
Brazil FC Cerrado Natural 
Acidity: ●○○○○         Body: Medium

Mexico Sierra Azul Chiapas Organic 
Acidity: ●●○○○         Body: Medium

El Salvador La Batalla COE
Acidity: ●○         Body:Medium

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Acidity: ●●●●○         Body: Light

Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling
Acidity: ●●○○○         Body: Full

Blended Coffee
Sweet Cocoa

Acidity: ●●○○○         Body: Full

Acidity: ●●●○○         Body: Medium

Forest blend
Acidity: ●
○○○○         Body: Full

Spring Espresso Blend - Spring Sky
Acidity: ●
●○         Body:Medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Selina Leung

The Grand Drip Coffee Box Set

Maria Fatima Cheong
Great packing and coffee quality

I purchased 2 box sets as gift to my colleagues, and everyone loved it!

Wing ki Tong

great box set

Connie Yick

The Grand Drip Coffee Box Set

Anny Po
Great gift to your loved one

Great tastes and combinations of the hand drip coffee. I have ordered same premium box for 3 times already. Next order will be placed soon.