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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia, Heirloom


Yirgacheffe is in fact part of the Sidamo region in southern Ethiopia, but its sometimes exquisite washed coffees are so well known that is has been sub-divided into its own micro-region. This steep, green area is both fertile and high -a lot of its coffee grows at 2000m and above.

As is typical with other coffees from this region, it has a distinctively fruity flavor profile and a bright, floral aroma thanks to wet-processed beans cultivated at a high elevation.


Customer Reviews

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Wong Miu Chu


Yun Wai Johnny Fok
Not as good as before

This coffee I have bought twice before and feel good, at that time it is relatively lighter roast, fruity taste more, but this time roast relatively deeper than light roast, more bitter taste induced. A bit disappointed.

On the other hand, this time I bought Sweet coco together with Yirgacheffe, the same case I bought it before and should be medium roast and also suitable for handdrip, but the coffee I received this time is like deep roast, bitter taste more, for me not suitable for handdrip, also a bit disappointed.

Is the roasting method for 2 coffees deviated from it should be before?