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Anxi Ti Kwun Yin

delicate, long lasting, green


Anxi Ti Kwun Yin is produced in Anxi, Fujian. Its tealeaf is green with a red border. The texture is thick & curly. It is also very dense. After the tea is brewed, it will expand dramatically. This tea is best brewing with a purple clay pot. Since the fragrance of the tea will be absorbed by the wall of the pot, it creates a long lasting scent. Anxi Ti Kwun Yin also has a special aftertaste. It will remain in your mouth for a long time. This tea can be brewed for over 7 times while the best is in the second & third brew.



Region: Anxi Country, Fujian Province, China
Type of Tea: Oolong

Rinse tea: Recommended
Temperature: 90°c
Ratio: 300ml of water : 10gram of tea
Duration: 3mins
Infusion number of times: 3

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Ann Chan
Love it

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