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Yemen Bait Alal Auction Lot

Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia, Yemen

Strawberry, Sugar Cane, Hibiscus

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Yemen Coffee

One of the hidden coffee country that produce some top level of quality coffee in the world, due to the limited supply cause by numbers of issue that has made Yemen's coffee so hard to get. 
In 2019 Dec Blooms Roastery are very lucky that we could secured one of the the beautiful coffee from Port of Mokha.

For 150 years, starting in the 16th century, Yemen was the exclusive coffee supplier to the entire world. All coffee shipped out of the region via the Port of Mokha, on the Red Sea.

With Yemen’s unique microclimate and high elevation where coffee grew produced drought-resistant plants that yielded complex coffees

Farm Name: Bait Alal
Farmer Name: Majma’ Muhammad Hadi
District: Al Haymah Al Kharijiyah District
Farm Size: 12.0 ha
Farm Elevation: 2150 masl
Processing Method: Port of Mokha Processing Center, Sanaa
Drying Method: Sun-dried natural, raised African bed