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Panama - Savage Anthem Auction


Grape, Strawberry, Sugary


SAVAGE Coffee - Is a Coffee project founded by Jamison Savage in Panama, they are one of the finest coffee producer in the world, their coffee only collected from the top quality producing farms, All of their coffee coffees are shade grown, strictly hard bean, and grown in nutrient rich, volcanic soils.

They carefully control and monitor the from agronomy to harvesting, processing, to preservation of the coffee. to maximize the flavor of each coffee.


The cherries for Anthem natural Geisha are harvested in both Boquete Valley and the Volcan region at elevations exceeding 1600 MASL Anthem starts with a meticulous harvesting practice where only the ripest, intact, cherries are harvested with a BRIX reading over 21.

Anthem is a slow, shade-dried coffee. Inside the dry-houses, careful monitoring of temperature, airflow, and humidity is critical for optimal results.

Shade-drying this coffee permits the grain to slowly absorb the natural fruit flavors inherent in the coffee’s fruit while in a low heat environment. The results are a high level of sweetness, layered complexity, elevated aromatics, and beautiful acidity.