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Nicaragua - Fincas Mierisch Limoncillo Yellow Pacamara

Central America

 Lemon, Maple Syrup, Almond


Fincas Mierisch is a well know coffee produce in Nicaragua.

This special lot came from Farm Limoncillo, Named after the Limoncillo (a small type of lemon) that was already growing on the farm back in 1930s, it is is the 2nd oldest coffee farm in the Fincas Mierisch group.

The Yellow Pacamara is a natural mutation of the Red Pacamara (a cross between a Maragogype and Pacas). It was first discovered the yellow maturing varietal on farm El Limoncillo around 2004.

Although Limoncillo is not the highest altitude farm, this varietal still behaves very favorably in this micro-climate. This varietal requires more food (fertilizer) than other varieties, about 20% more when compared to a Bourbon or Caturra, and requires soil that is rich in magnesium, zinc, and potassium.

This Yellow Pacamara was processed as Washed coffee. All processes begin at the farm by only selecting optimally blood red, ripe cherries.

These are floated and then carefully depulped using the least amount of water as possible. After depulping, it dry fermented in fermentation tanks for 36 hours.