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CarryOn Drip bag - Refill Pack


To make refilling more easy and convenient, we launched Refill Pack for you. So you can keep going with CarryOn and enjoy premium coffee anywhere anytime.

Each Refill Pack: 10 bags Drip Bag Coffee inside

Coffee selections

Ethiopia Sidamo Hunkute
Acidity: ●●○○         Body: Light

Ethiopia Guji Sakicha
Acidity: ●●●○○         Body: Light

Mexico Sierra Azul Chiapas Organic
Acidity:●●○○○         Body: Medium

Guatemala Finca Santa Sofia
Acidity: ●●○○         Body: Medium

Guatemala Finca Santa Isabel
Acidity: ●○○○         Body: Medium

Papua New Guinea Virgin Mountain
Acidity: ●○○         Body: Medium

El Salvador La Batalla COE
Acidity: ●●○○         Body: Rich

Colombia Antioquia 
Acidity: ●●○○         Body: Medium

Brazil CO2 Decaf Organic Fazenda Santa Maria
Acidity: ●○○○○         Body: Full 

Costa Rica 2020 COE Lot 11 Finca Licho
Acidity: ●●●●○         Body: Light

Costa Rica Valle Del Sol
Acidity: ●●○○         Body: Full

Colombia El Carmen -NEW!!
Acidity: ●●○         Body: Medium

Peru Vista Hermosa Organic -NEW!!
Acidity: ●●○         Body: Medium

Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling -NEW!!
Acidity: ●●○○         Body: Full

Calypso -NEW!!
Acidity: ●●○○○         Body: Medium

Acidity: ●●○○         Body: Medium

Salsa Blend
Acidity: ●●○○         Body: Medium

Sweet Cocoa
Acidity: ●●○○○         Body: Full

Spring Espresso Blend - Spring Sky
Acidity: ●●●○         Body: Medium

Forest Blend
Acidity: ●○○○○         Body: Full

*Consume within 1 month for best quality

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Daisy Fung
Carryon drip bag

Very fresh coffee but a bit pricey!

Pierre CHAN

CarryOn Drip bag - Refill Pack

Candy Lau
Love it❣️

Coffee aroma smell so unique! Sweet Cocoa & Nutcracker are my fav.

Vivian Lee

i like your forest blend vm. full of flavor and aroma with different layers. well done!!!

Peggy Lui

CarryOn Drip bag - Refill Pack