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CarryOn - Welcome Pack

Brand New Coffee Gift Ideas

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Continuation of CarryOn concept, We proudly present a new gift box - Welcome Pack.  Good as a present and for personal use.

Welcome Pack composes of 2 elements: a CarryOn and a Blooms Box. CarryOn carrying 6 drip bag coffee. To make refill more easy and convenient, the pastel colour Blooms Box carrying 9 drip bag coffee.

Every time is coffee time. Especially for specialty coffee. This is why we launched drip bag coffee, freshly ground coffee pre-packed in a handy dripper. Just hang the drip bag on a cup and add hot water over ground coffee. Your cup of nice coffee will be ready in 2 minutes.

We have 2 collections of Welcome Pack:
Fruity Pack
3 selected coffee beans carrying fruity notes:
Panama Esmeralda Mario San Jose x 5 packs
Ethiopia Sidamo Hunkute x 5 packs
El Salvador La Batalla COE x 5 packs

Nutty Pack
3 selected coffee beans carrying nutty aroma:
Honduras Beneficio Santa Rosa Fair trade x 5 packs
Colombia Finca Veracruz x 5 packs
Indonesia Sumatra Aceh Mengaya x 5  packs

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Refill Pack Available!

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Welcome Pack includes
- 6 packs drip bag coffee in a Wool Felt Pouch
- 9 packs drip bag coffee in a Blooms Box

Pouch size: 19.5 x 13.2 x 3.5cm

*Consume within 1 month for best quality