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Panama Don Pepe

Volcancito Boquete, Catuai

Stone fruits, Honey, Sweet

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Don Pepe is one of the best coffee farms in Panama. Being a member of the Best of Panama, Don Pepe has produced award winning Geishas that sell each year on online auctions. The farm is located in the humid forest of Colcancito, on the slopes of Volcan de Baru in Boquete. It is found in 1899 by Don Enrique Vasquez, Don Pepe is a fourth generation coffee farmer.

The farm is located above 1,500 meters, the distinct microclimates from the relatively dry Volcancito to the wet of Bajo Mono make it an ideal location for coffee production. The coffee is dried in raised beds with a mesh bottom, allowing air to circulate freely around the coffee. And it is stored at high altitude in a temperature controlled environment. The yield is pretty low, but the cup quality is surely rewarding.

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