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Panama Esmeralda Mario San Jose

Central America, Panama

 Lemon, Toffee, Honey, White Orchid


Esmeralda Mario San Jose is come from Central America, Panama. It’s one of Blooms premium geisha collections. It is harvested from the Esmeralda Jaramillo farm in the mountains of Western Panama. The coffee is developed from the Ethiopian Geisha cultivar, has won several awards for its quality, including the 2007 Specialty Coffee Association of America Roaster's Choice competition. Exclusive high quality lots of high elevation Geisha (1,600-1,800 meters) with cupping scores of over 90 points.

It starts by carefully instructing those who hand pick the fruit, to only pick the completely ripe, red fruits. Every night, as the coffee is received in the ‘beneficio’ (processing plant), each harvester’s product for the day is weighed and inspected for defects or green beans. It is strived for absolute consistency and excellence in preparation. It devotes enormous time to the details and fine touches that have always distinguished Esmeralda Estate coffee from ‘just another coffee’.