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Brazil CO2 Decaf Organic Fazenda Santa Maria

Brazil CO2 Decaf Organic Fazenda Santa Maria


chocolate, nuts, sweet, low acidity


The Santa Maria Organic farm was found 50 years ago. its located at around 1,050 metres above sea level, in the Mogiana region of São Paolo State.
The farm has an average production of 5,000 bags every season and produces only organic coffee, cultivated free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
All the cherries are handpicked and through the CO2 Decaffeination Process
The CO2 decaffination process is one of the safe way that is chamical free.
The idea is put to coffee cherries through a chamber with Liquid CO2 with high pressure to disolved the caffein inside the coffee.
Coffee beans are soaked in water to let it swell to twice their size to allows the caffeine to dissolve into the water trapped inside the bean.
Then the soaked beans will transfer into huge stainless steel extraction vessels
Liquid CO2 is then pumped into the coffee beans and applied a high pressure and tempreature, this call supercritical CO2.
The supercritical CO2 acts as a solvent, absorbing the caffeine. Each bean needs about 5-7 hours to diffuse all of its caffeine. Once the beans are caffeine-free, they will be dried, and roasted as other coffee process.