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Blooms 2020 Christmas Coffee Collection Box Set

The Coffee Buffet



For this unique 2020, Blooms have created 3 special Christmas Box set for you and your love one that can enjoy during the Christmas period that we might need to spend some extra time at home, but still can take on a Journey to travel around the world with your taste buds.

Moses our founder, was working very hard last 3 months, to hunt down 3 brand new "auction lot" coffee, for this christmas box set coffee collection, included 4 "auction lot" coffee that's hand picked by moses and 2 winter blend coffee to be enjoyed this christmas.

Single Origin Coffee

Panama Savage Coffee (Auction Lot)  (Auction Lot)  : 100g

Acidity:●●●●○         Body: Medium

Costa Rica 2020 COE Finca Licho  (Auction Lot)  : 100g

Acidity:●●●●○         Body: Medium

Nicaragua - Fincas Mierisch Limoncillo Yellow Pacamara  (Auction Lot)  : 100g

Acidity:●●●●●        Body: Light

El Salvador La Batalla COE (Auction Lot)  (Auction Lot)  : 100g

Acidity:●●●○○         Body: Full

Winter Blend  (Auction Lot)  : 100g

Acidity:●●●○○         Body: Medium

Salsa Blend  (Auction Lot)  : 100g

Acidity:●●●○○         Body: Medium